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4.  Once you have completed the previous steps, you should have a pretty good idea of the programs that are in place to provide for your safety.  Check out the rest of the website to see the other written programs, review the laws and the compliance records.
3.  We also have online training available for you at  Once you are logged in, find your name from the drop- down list.  Take all of the tests along the left hand side of the page. property password is:  ZTlsdP password is:  (Type in your last name) ex. Anderson
2.  There are two specific tests to take which are part of the Hazcom Program.  Take the following tests as many times as it takes to get 100%  We want you to understand the material.  Then, click the SUBMIT button. First Aid & Bloodborne Pathogens Hazard Communication
1.  The first step in your training is to read the Safety Manual.  After you have read the Safety Manual, verify receipt by entering your name and date onto the signature sheet and then clicking the SUBMIT button to send that to us. Safety Manual Safety Manual Signature Sheet
Call Toll Free Direct - 877-274-3040 Call Direct - 218-732-9704 Super 8  Reservations Central - 1-800-800-8000