Exceptional places to hike

There is no doubt that outing at special places like the Park Rapids Minnesota can make your day and you will love it. You can also experience great sites in the lap of nature and have world-class experience there. For the hiking, there are certain places which are perfect and you spend quality time there without any hassle. We have searched some great places to hike in park rapids Minnesota.

Heartland State Trail

You can try the 49 multiple use paved trails there to have a great hiking experience there. The location is also very nice and it is located someone between the Park Rapids and Cass Lake. The best part about the Heartland state trail is that you will be getting a chance to pass many lakes while passing from there. In addition to this, you can also enjoy many types of river and streams there along with the lakes. On the trail, you will be able to enjoy a great visit to hardwood forests. During the hiking, you will be able to see the wildlife as well. Usually, you will see that whitetail deer are very common in that particular area.

Paul Bunyan state trail

The next great place is Paul Bunyan state trail. You can take this place into your consideration while thinking about the Places to hike in park rapids Minnesota. The area is nearly 110 miles. The situation of this particular trail is between the Brainerd and Bemidji. The best thing about this Trail is that you do hiking here with the great enjoyment of the historical places. This place is full famous for great history. There are some prehistory sites also available that you can visit and have more fun.  You must visit the Ojibwe and the Dakota and both the areas are present near the Paul Bunyan state trail.

North Country National Scenic Trail

 North Country National Scenic Trail will give you a wonderful hiking experience and you will be able to have more fun here. It is providing a wonderful footpath for the stretching. The length of the area is nearly 4600 miles. You will be amazed to know the fact that this place is known as the longest hiking trail in the United States. You can also enjoy many lakes and cool water. This will be a great fun to enjoy every single site of this place during your hiking. You will be able to be closer to Mother Nature.

There are a few things that you should always remember when you are starting hiking to these places in order to enhance the experience. To enjoy Exceptional Places to hike in park rapids Minnesota you should follow simple steps.

Testing your gear

You should test your gear properly before you start the hiking. In the middle of the way, situations can be different and there you will not be getting a chance to regret. It is better even you can do the trail and use them in every single gear to make sure that at the emergency everything will be working perfectly for you.

Plan everything

You should plan everything in advance to avoid any kind of problem later on. This next thing that you should do is share your planning with the other hikers who are going to give you company. Make sure you have planned all your activities after your hike as well!

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